Lava love

I met Kornia at the Brides Club Wedding show in Bellevue. Learning that she is looking for a photographer that needed

someone in Hawaii. I ironically this was the first year I was in Hawaii state working and we automatically clicked. We both started out our journey into their wedding day. I learned Korina wanted engagements with a pacific north west feel that shows trees and water. I gave her a few ideas and once we chatted about one she was set on the one location. It was wet and rainy and very cold when we pulled up. We hiked up and started the engagements even with them shivering Roland and Korina held each other tight and got through our shoot. We talked about how large the families are and how Roland is from Hilo. The wedding was to be at a Black Sand beach called Punalu Beach.

Then on May 3rd 2018, Kilauea volcano erupted. This was just miles from the ceremony site and with that said the high way to there was no longer there. We waited a few weeks to see what the plan B would be. Korina and Roland left to Hilo early to see other options at this time.

August 18th 2018 I show up at the beautiful AirBnb on a sugar plantation to find Korina relaxing and enjoying her make up and hair. The hair was done by an amazing team of ladies that made her laugh and feel so utterly perfect. Korina stepped into her dress provided by Belle Bridal located in Belling ham but one of our amazing vendors in the Brides Club wedding shows. This dress fit her like a glove. It hung in areas that sat on her body with perfection. As the videographer Greg shows up we all plan our day and are told the Punalu is still the location. Mind you now we are on hurricane watch and flash floods could potentially happen. on our almost 1.5 hour journey to the location we all chatted and laughed in the car. Korina was on a mission to meet the man she loves at the beach.

When the ceremony wrapped up we all headed out just in time to miss the tropical storm.The couple was more then delighted to know we missed the bad weather and it was absolutely perfection when they fulfilled the ceremony in from of loved ones and even some additional turtle friends on the rocks beside them that showed up.

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