Rifles and Love

I met Shellsi at the Brides Club Show in 2017. I was mesmerized by her bright and vibrant eyes. It for sure matched her personality when she talked about her soon to be husband Wes she lit up and would smile so bright. Our engagements started out on a long journey in Twisp Wa. This is where I met their "fur"-babies and learned that their grandparents cabin was the real place we must work in. I would hear about the family gatherings and important memories that Wes had at this location.

The dogs where absolutely a blast to work with. We talked more about the wedding day and as Shellsi would tell me all about it Wes would smile at her and not take his eyes off her for a moment. It was truly endearing to watch them both and see a little more of who they are as a couple.

On August 25th I woke up in a completely beautiful hotel called Eagle Lakes Ranch in Othello Wa. I woke up to delicious coffee and to see Wes's family rushing around to feed everyone and help decorate the hall area.As I saw all the hassle and bustle I realized Shellsi's vision come to life. Her thoughts where about the relaxed atmosphere and family, friends and laughter. Everyone around was smiles ear to ear and the details where so delicate and beautifully done. The cake was a bird that was delicately put together by her father on site. It was truly a sight to see which was done by Harbor cakes.

As I went across the long beautifully lit halls I found Shellsi getting her hair and makeup on by the amazing Jessica Blondet. I noticed one of her dogs on the bed next to her and waited patiently for her to be ready. Soon the door had someone knocking it. Her sister opened the door and a groomsman walked in to hand her a box. Shellsi lit up knowing it was a gift she was waiting for. A moment later she screamed with happiness on her new rifle. She held that rifle even as she was getting her makeup finished up but now with a he smile on her face with even more excitement.

Once Shellsi was done with hair and makeup she stepped into a dress with help from her sister that just fit her with perfection. I didn't think this would happen but she put her rifle down and grabbed her flowers ready for her wedding......

As Shellsi and her beautiful bridesmaids in pastel walked to take photos it was all laughed and anticipation for the BIG event. At the top too the hill so we can all see the wheat fields and farms that where perfectly tended to Wes and his Grandfather ( their officiant) waited for Shellsi to make her way to the alter.

As the ceremony finished up the group then wanted to have fun for the night and celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs.. The dancing and fun filled night started and just in time for the stars to come out on a beautiful day.

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