Disney Kisses and Magical Dreams

As I met Ryan and Kaytie I was excited to know they ( more Kaytie then Ryan) the passion for Harry Potter and Disney love. I quickly learned about who they are and the magical wedding they had planned. The engagement was a blast from Harry Potter Halls too walks around our amazing city of Seattle Wa.

The Wedding took place in Monte Cristo Ballroom on August 26th. The room was set with Disney touches from princess favors to the cake. Their bridal party and family flew in from all around the world Korea to the beautiful islands of Hawaii along with our own beautiful state of Washington. As the Bridal party got ready across the street at The CourtYard Marrriot in Everett. They had made private notes to each other that made them both pause for a moment and remember that the day is all about them and how much they love each other. I watched as Sarah Ren did hair and makeup to our beautiful bride and how the room was calm but yet excitement of the soon to be events.

We all headed to the Monte Cristo Ballroom to get the day going. As we entered you can smell the amazing food the ballroom was prepping for the grand event to happen. The couple was greeted by amazing staff and guided into the private rooms. As you looked around you can see the violets and crisp clean whites that accented each other with perfection. The flowers done by Jessica Freier on the mantel near the alter could be smelt yards away. The ceremony was preformed by Annemarie Juhlian who had many wonderful things to say about this radiant couple.

As they said "I Do" They celebrated with many toasts of love and enjoyed the wonderful delicious food provided. They soon danced the night away with the amazing music that made everyone want to jump on the floor and dance the night away.

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