A Trip To Narnia

A few weeks back I had the greatest adventure with some super cool people. Molly and Dave a super dynamic couple that is full of laughter and energy. Their story dates back to early 2011. When Molly was a cashier and Dave a Shipping Manager of the same company. A few months after hanging out they made it official and started their journey together as a couple.

Dave is always looking at her so endearing and you can see him smile every time Molly laughs. And molly full of life and smiles loved being embraced by him and I could tell she felt so comfortable in his arms as they worked together on their engagements.

Not only did these two stand out in the cold and have lets say about 1000 reindeer behind them as we shot the engagements. But we also endured the blistering cold snow that fell so softly on them as we entered a snowy mountain top.

As we warmed up in our cars and found our locations on each adventure we chatted about how her wedding will be a romantic and relaxed family reunion gathering. I truly can not wait to capture Molly and Daves wedding!

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