Dance with me in Seattle Rain

Today I had the opportunity to meet a super amazing couple. Not only did they find their way to our location even after getting off on the wrong exit. But they both held out in the pouring Seattle rain and freezing cold.They both did this with smiles and game face on for their session.

Uneek is from North Carolina for the most part. Her father was in the military and found themselves stationed in Washington in their journeys. As Tre’ from a similar military family background originally from Georgia has ended up here in Washington as well.

Uneek is not only a fascinating name of a beautiful young woman but it truly described her. She laughed and lit up every time Tre’ would whisper in her ear or moments of talking about her upcoming wedding.

After knowing the story of how they met at the High school basketball game and Myspace (yes people it is still there but never talked about) I can see that these two are perfectly made for one another. The way that Uneek’s eyes lit up when she mentioned the Great wheel as the engagement location. These two shivered together holding hands for warmth and comfort they molded to each other so naturally.You would not notice upon reviewing the images the cold and chaotic surroundings they endured. They both naturally had fun and enjoyed the moments of dancing in the rain. As Tre’ twirled her she laughed and softly ended up in his warm embrace. I am so happy today I have had this opportunity to be a part of your journey on your road to wedding bliss.

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