Welcome to the House of HufflePuff baby Riley

I can’t even explain to you how I feel about this amazing couple. Not only have I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of their perfect wedding I now I have had this opportunity to be a part of their growing family. Steven and Jaretta have not only made me feel like I am a part of their journey they are perfect in every photographers dream. The stories and the laughs they have can make anyone feel like they want to be a part of this Texas/Canadian team. We have walked a few good miles together through many of the Safeco Field halls to the beaches on the coast. I never CAMP ever but when I had this opportunity to capture their love again I jumped on it. What a blessing to be asked to be a part of people’s lives and important moments in time. Not only have we just endured some crazy road stories and snowstorms I walk away with gratitude and a happy heart. The way that Steven can make her smile and comforts her in every way possible. The excitement in his eyes when he talks about the baby girl he will be holding oh so very soon. And Jaretta’s smile when she talks about being a mom is enough to light up a room with happiness. These two have a long road ahead of them but I can tell you from what I know of this beautiful couple is that they will take on this thing called parenthood with style and perfection. Baby Riley is so blessed and will be hugged and loved by these two amazing people. I can’t wait to meet her one-day so until our next journey I hope for happy dreams and smooth sailing in your beautiful pregnancy.

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