Understanding Your Investment 

     The main reasons why people invest into wedding photography is purely on their own accord. Memories will fade, and having the ability to look back on the moments are priceless. The day goes by so quickly I cannot stress the fact of how often, and from my own experience tell you that the day goes by so quickly. You are investing in a Pro. I have an extensive background in art and client care. I have gained experience through years of work and constant education and upgraded gear. I LOVE what I do and get motivated with each and every client. Each and every story is amazing and I value the opportunity to be a part of something so special for each person. 

     I know when you get engaged you do research on what you want to book for your dream day. I have heard over and over again in my career that photography can be a huge price tag. I need to remind you that I am not working just one day that week. I am not just a lady that bought a camera. I hear all the time that my job is so simple and super fun. 

I will say Yes and No. 

     Yes it can be pricey if you are paying for your own wedding. But I ask you, how important is capturing the wedding day memories to you? 

     Yes, I do mainly work one day but do not discount the weeks of prior prep I do with each couple. I have hours-- countless at times, editing and uploading, gear prep, and talking to all the vendors in the background to help ensure the day is seamless for each event. 

     Yes, I am a lady that bought a camera. But I also invested into my passion with owning  a multitude of DSLR cameras, lenses, pocket flashes, software, holsters, and so much more to ensure I provide for each person. 

     Yes, my work is FUN! But by no means simple. Balancing professional photographer with art director, ensuring I have adequate light and white balance, composing the right art angles and images for each person, knowledge of the gear I use and the new trends... and/or making a new trend! Keeping timelines and learning each client and getting everything done with pounds and pounds of lenses and cameras attached to me while not sweating (wearing a great shoe as well) is not easy. 

     I thrive to ensure I take care of each client with their own individual needs and cater to each one with all I can to make this investment worth while. Not just for the reasons like, "the future great grandchildren will see these images" and have a sense of pride and feeling as they are a part of this special day. And I love being able to create luxury art of your wedding day that you put so much time and effort into. 

     So the moral of the story is…there is a method to our madness when us wedding photographers determine our prices! Some of us set it up so that we have the same salary as an average person while others pay off their Aston Martin – but the price of a photographer doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of their work – they may just be running a very expensive business that you’ll be paying for and these are exceptions to the rule. That’s why you should always interview your wedding photographer and choose the one that not only suits your budget but with whom you connect!


     Please find the product pages are my pricing for each area I currently work in. I ask that you please still message me and see what Jill Most can do to cater to you and make your day seamless with luxury art. 

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